Amazonia – Ecuador


Ecuadorian Amazonia is characterized by having the highest diversity of animals and plants per square kilometer in the world. Within this natural treasure, several indigenous communities are also grouped, still fighting to preserve their beliefs, traditions, and ancestral way of life.

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

The Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center began as a commitment to rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been seized by the Environmental Police from individuals who have bought endangered animals as pets. Currently, the Center aims to give these animals the opportunity to live a dignified life and reintegrate into their natural habitat. In some cases, immediate reintroduction into the wild is not applicable to animals that have been severely mistreated. These animals require a specialized assistance program that re-teaches them how to behave and survive in their natural environment.

*Minimum stay of two weeks


  • – Feeding the animals
  • – Cleaning the animal enclosures
  • – Administering special medications
  • – Creating trails within the center
  • – Collecting fruits for the animals’ feeding
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