Volunteering programmes in Oceania

If you decide to work on a volunteering programme in Oceania, you’ll be greeted by a location brimming with idyllic landscapes. Working as a volunteer in Oceania will allow you to support and assist communities that enjoy one of the best island environments on the planet. Oceania is known as the continent of 25,000 islands. As such, you’ll be living with people who truly love the sea. This volunteering programme will allow you to meet local people and learn how to take care of their waters. You’ll also learn about their needs and have the opportunity to help improve their environment.

To give you a better idea of this part of the world, perhaps you’d be interested to learn that most Oceanian religions are Christian; however, you’ll also find Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and other indigenous religions and cultures. The language of communication in the vast majority of islands is English.

If you’re looking to work on a volunteering programme on an island, you’re sure to be interested in any of our Oceania programmes and destinations.

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Volunteering programme in Fiji

  • Sports volunteering programme
  • Construction and renovation volunteering programme
  • Nursery volunteering programme
  • Health education volunteering programme
  • Teaching volunteering programme



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