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Cooperating Volunteers is a company that organizes volunteering experiences around the world, coordinating the program and supporting the volunteers. Cooperating Volunteers was created as a result of the wide range of projects being undertaken worldwide, allowing volunteers to live an authentic experience and participate in a genuine cultural exchange, which is mutually beneficial for both the volunteers and the projects. Our volunteers work on projects based in locations all around the world. Our main mission is to convey this feeling and desire for cooperation to as many people as possible who wish to participate in an international volunteer program on the world’s main continents.

To achieve this goal, we work daily to offer global citizens who are considering becoming volunteers the opportunity to make their own personal contributions in specific real-life scenarios. Volunteers from around the world travel with us every single year. With the assistance and support of our local partners, the volunteers can embark on a safe, socially-responsible and reasonably-priced trip. We’re not a travel agency; instead, we provide advice and guidance to volunteers at all times, ensuring that they feel supported before and during their trip.

How can Cooperating Volunteers help you with your international volunteer program?

Cooperating Volunteers collaborates on various volunteer programs and projects across different countries worldwide. These encompass Orphanage Volunteer Programs, School Teaching Volunteer Programs, Medical Care Centre and Hospital Assistance Volunteer Programs, Female Development Volunteer Programs, Construction Volunteer Programs, Environmental Conservation Volunteer Programs and, lastly, Animal Rescue and Care Volunteer Programs in diverse locations.

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What our International volunteers say

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David Martínez | UGANDA

The best experience of my life, a way to give fresh and clean air to your mentality, recommended to all people.

Foto Voluntario 2

Julian Serrano | INDIA

This changes life and changes it for good, why, because the vision and the human spirit that is so drowned by banal things are recovered

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Aina Gener | UGANDA

It is an experience that must be lived at least once in life (I am only 17 years old and I am sure I will repeat it).

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