Volunteer programs in Spain

About Spain

About Spain

Located in southern Europe, Spain is one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. Its cultural heritage and local lifestyle attract millions of visitors each year who wish they could live in this country all year round. Despite being relatively small in size, it offers a great deal of diversity depending on the region, which means there are countless interesting corners to visit.

Spain’s climate

Spain enjoys a moderate to warm temperature compared to its European neighbors. It experiences four seasons, with summer being the hottest and winter being the coldest. Autumn is characterized by abundant rainfall, while spring offers moderate temperatures ranging from 8°C to 21°C depending on the region.

The climate in Bilbao is a humid oceanic climate with mild temperatures. There isn’t much thermal contrast between seasons. The average temperature during the summer season is 2°C, while in winter, it is around 8°C.

Barcelona has a coastal Mediterranean climate. Winters are mild, and summers are hot. The autumn season is the rainiest, followed by spring and winter. The temperature range is moderate, and the proximity to the sea makes the summer atmosphere humid, which is one of its main characteristics.


Time zone

Sapin is typically in the Central European Time (CET) zone during the standard time period, which is UTC+1 (Coordinated Universal Time plus one hour). However, Italy also observes daylight saving time during the summer months, shifting to Central European Summer Time (CEST), which is UTC+2


The official currency is the Euro.​


Our volunteering projects are located in Barcelona and Bilbao.


The volunteering stay begins when the volunteer arrives at the destination.


The meals included in the destination/project will be provided at the accommodations. However, meals during transportation, excursions, and other activities by the volunteers will not be included. In the Barcelona accommodation, all meals are vegetarian.

Pick up times

The stipulated pick-up times for each destination/project must be respected. Volunteers who arrive outside of this day/window will have to pay an additional cost, depending on the destination.

VOLUNTEER programs

Where are the volunteer programs located?

Our volunteering projects are located in Barcelona and Bilbao.


  • Food Bank Program – Barcelona
  • Children’s Monitor Program for Summer Camp – Barcelona
  • Community Building Student Program – Barcelona
  • Art and Therapy Program – Bilbao
  • Sustainability Program in Gardens and Environment – Bilbao
  • Beach and Mountains Cleaning Program – Bilbao
  • Animal Care and Protection Program – Bilbao
  • Digital Marketing Program – Bilbao


Volunteers must be over 18 years old at the beginning of the volunteer program. Those who are minors should first consult with Cooperating Volunteers and provide a signed authorization from their parents or legal guardian.
Volunteers must provide a criminal background check, a resume, and a letter of motivation to the employees of Cooperating Volunteers.
In the case of volunteering in Barcelona, the requirements are as follows:
Must be over 16 or 18 years old depending on the program (if under 18 years old, they must have a signed authorization from their parents or legal guardians).
Copy of a criminal background check.

What is included?


The cost of the volunteer program starts at 400€ for 1 week. You can find all the costs in the Program Costs section.


As with many other aspects, Spanish gastronomy is very rich and varies according to the regions. From Galician broths and empanadas to paella, and from Asturian fabada to Spanish omelette, these are just a few typical dishes among the many you can find.

In Bilbao, some typical dishes include: Pintxos, Rabas, Txampis, Purrusalda…

In Barcelona, some typical dishes include: pan amb tomàquet, mongetes amb butifarra, calçots, sopa de galets, crema catalana…

Transport in Spain

Spain has an extensive network of public transportation services that can take you to almost anywhere. Additionally, it offers a well-developed road network for people to travel by car. The local team will assist volunteers and provide advice on the different transportation options available in case they need it.


  • The programs carried out in Bilbao have a minimum duration of one week. Programs are available year-round.
  • The programs in Barcelona start every week. It is recommended to arrive on Saturday or Sunday.

To take into account!

  • The meals included in the destination/project will be provided at the accommodations. However, meals during transportation, excursions, and other activities by the volunteers will not be included.
  • The volunteering stay begins when the volunteer arrives at the destination.
  • In the Barcelona accommodation, all meals are vegetarian.

Tourist attractions in Kenya

During their free time, volunteers can enjoy exploring the region they are situated in. In Spain, there are monuments and museums in every city and region that are of general interest, and efforts are made to preserve them for the public and to promote local culture. Additionally, volunteers can go on excursions to the beach or mountains. Spain is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, and as such, there are all kinds of activities to enjoy during leisure time.

In Bilbao, it’s a must to watch the sunset from Muelle Marzana; visit the pond in Doña Casilda Park; explore the Guggenheim Museum; and take a ride on the Artxanda funicular.

In Barcelona, highlights include the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, La Rambla, Paseo de Gracia, and Barceloneta Beach. Football enthusiasts can also visit the Camp Nou or attend a match there.

Program goals

The objective of the project is to train young people to be social leaders. The volunteers live in a multicultural environment, work as a team to develop tasks or institutional projects, accompany the beneficiaries in their daily lives or through workshops, and collaborate with the needs of the centers and homes.

To achieve this, we work on three approaches

Social inclusion

Social Inclusion of children, young people and grandparents in situations of social risk.

Attention to Centers and Homes

Attention to Centers and Homes for the protection and restitution of rights of socially vulnerable children, adolescents and older adults.

Social action

Social Action The volunteers committed to the project will work alongside the community, involving different actors in society and allowing the full fulfillment of the rights of all people.

Our programs

Food Bank Program – Barcelona – Spain

The origin of the food bank lies in the post-pandemic crisis: families struggling in precarious situations, finding it difficult to make ends meet and meet their most basic needs. We work in collaboration with food donation associations, providing hygiene and cleaning products to 40 families.

What are the responsibilities of the Food Bank assistants? They will be responsible for tracking the volunteer hours worked at the Food Bank, placing weekly food orders, coordinating the logistics and distribution of food delivery, managing storage and stock, as well as keeping track of inventory.

The program’s duration is 2 weeks to 3 months, and volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

On the other hand, the Food Bank Manager works at the same level as the assistants but has more responsibilities, including attending the foundation that provides the food every Monday to coordinate logistics and collaborate with them in volunteering tasks. Due to the importance of this role, it can only be offered to individuals who can commit to the program for a minimum of 3 months.

The duration of this program is 3 to 6 months, and it is exclusively for adults. Regarding the language, fluency in Spanish or English is recommended.

Community Building Student Program – Barcelona – Spain

The duration of this program is a minimum of one week and is only available for individuals over 16 years old who speak English or Spanish. This program is primarily aimed at providing an inside perspective of how NGOs operate through dynamic and original methodologies.

The program includes access to theoretical classes where participants will learn about the internal functioning of the NGO and also have the opportunity to participate in their meetings or community living tasks. Another important aspect is that volunteers can create solidarity networks with other volunteers and new networks of entrepreneurs.

The knowledge acquired during the theoretical classes can be documented by the volunteer in a “student manual,” where all the training contents will be developed. One of the goals for the students is to actively participate in and facilitate community activities, and those who are part of the program for more than 3 months will also be responsible for organizing such activities.

Cleaning of beaches and mountains – Bilbao – Spain

The origin of the food bank lies in the post-pandemic crisis: families struggling in precarious situations, finding it difficult to make ends meet and meet their most basic needs. We work in collaboration with food donation associations, providing hygiene and cleaning products to 40 families.

What are the responsibilities of the Food Bank assistants? They will be responsible for tracking the volunteer hours worked at the Food Bank, placing weekly food orders, coordinating the logistics and distribution of food delivery, managing storage and stock, as well as keeping track of inventory.

Given that many beaches and mountains are still not adequately protected from an environmental standpoint, the involvement of people is very important. The volunteer’s work is a significant contribution to the preservation of ecosystems and marine and environmental life.

With this project, the aim is to improve the quality of seawater, protect natural and marine ecosystems, raise awareness about pollution, etc. Specific sectors of the beach are cleaned using designated recycling bags.

It is recommended to bring gloves and specific materials, including raincoats. The maximum working hours per week are 20. The metro fare (accommodation location – beach) is not included (approximately 10 € per week).

Animal Care and Protection Program – Bilbao – Spain

The project is located on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Bilbao.

Before starting your voluntary work project, you will receive orientation from our local staff.

Being a volunteer at animal shelters means providing love and care to animals that have been abandoned or mistreated by their owners and are seeking a new home.

It is a project for those who feel passionate about animals and want to dedicate time to volunteering at an animal shelter. The predominant languages spoken during the program are English and Spanish.

Volunteers working at animal shelters will have various tasks, including:

  • Cleaning shelters
  • Feeding the animals
  • Taking care of stray dogs and cats
  • Walking dogs
  • Administering medications
  • Assisting with sterilization procedures
  • Helping in the rehabilitation of traumatized animals
  • Assisting in rescue operations
  • Aiding in controlling the overpopulation of stray animals during their time at a dog and cat rescue center
  • Distributing food to animals on the streets

There are morning and afternoon schedules, allowing volunteers to enjoy their afternoons at the beach. During their free time, they can engage in activities such as hiking, climbing, trekking, horseback riding, relaxing on the beach, etc. Bilbao offers excellent places for surfing, and water sports activities are closely related to the project.

Children’s Monitor Program for Summer Camp (Casal de Verano) – Barcelona – Spain

This program has a duration of 1 week to 10 weeks within the dates: June 26th to September 1st.

A “CASAL” is a place led by educational professionals who facilitate various educational and recreational activities that promote the integration of children. The SUMMER CASAL is a part of EnriquezArte since 2018 and is a central pillar of our essence. It was created as a need to provide a recreational space for all the children in the El Turó de la Peira neighborhood during the summer. Most of the children come from vulnerable environments: migrant families with irregular administrative status, single-parent families, families in the context of domestic or gender-based violence.

The Summer Casal is managed by a Leisure Director and two Free Time Monitors. This team is responsible for planning and implementing the children’s activities, including dance workshops, climbing, crafts, drawing, games, etc. Weekly excursions are also organized, such as visits to the natural science museum, a day at the beach or community pool, a visit to the fire station, library day, farm visit, etc.

This program is designed for individuals who can join the team of monitors to support the tasks and dynamics of activities. It is essential that they enjoy spending time with children, playing, and dancing, as the days are intense! Previous experience working with children is not essential, although it is a plus.

The Casal lasts for 10 weeks (June 26th to September 1st) and operates from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The maximum capacity is 30 children per week, and it’s usually fully booked! The children have their meals at the Casal, so the days are filled with intensity and interaction with them.

Requirements: Spanish B2 (preferably) / English

Age: Over 18 years old

Additional: Criminal background check certificate

Art and Therapy Program – Bilbao – Spain

Participate in the program to work in a school for students with special needs of different age groups, ranging from children to adults over 30 years old. The students have various learning difficulties and unique educational requirements.

Volunteers in this program work as assistants in different classes, supporting teachers during the mornings or afternoons. We include indoor games as well as artistic and craft activities to aid students in their learning process.

Your responsibilities will include teaching, entertaining, and playing with the students, organizing art and craft classes, interactive music sessions, and much more. You will be in contact with local artists and program volunteer staff. Volunteers can also contribute by helping local communities with their own art donations. Additionally, you will assist the staff in ensuring the safety of the students during outdoor activities, such as shopping, going to the park, or the library.

Volunteers will work in two different shifts, which they can choose from: in the morning from 9:30 to 13:00 and in the afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00.

Sustainability Program in Gardens – Bilbao – Spain

We want to teach people that having the tools to live sustainably and the ability to contribute to the well-being of the planet is within everyone’s reach. You don’t need to be an expert, a qualified environmentalist, or a scientist to make a difference in the world. Among the main activities, we have:

  • Agriculture: cultivating the land, planting, raising, and harvesting crops.
  • Horticulture: growing fruits, vegetables, and plants.
  • Property renovation and restoration.

Our purpose is to create and restore gardens, helping volunteers to grow food locally, increasing access to fresh vegetables, improving urban green spaces, and creating cities with a high quality of life for their inhabitants. Through our work on these projects, we bring people together. We work with volunteers from all professions and social backgrounds.

You will have a mentor who will assist you with:

  • Training in garden management and vegetable transformation techniques, including planting, maintenance, grafting, pruning, harvesting, and preservation, tree identification, and ecological pest and disease control.
  • Maintenance and care of the land and facilities.
  • Gardening, food, and medicinal herb cultivation.
  • Wildlife-related activities, such as seasonal mowing, clearing brambles and paths, transplanting young trees, placing dead hedges, growing wildflowers, and tree planting, among others.

Even the smallest contributions have crucial consequences in conserving flora, fauna, and the natural ecosystem. So, don’t hesitate, start volunteering for the environment right now!

Digital Marketing Program – Bilbao – Spain

Program where the volunteer puts into practice their computer and social media knowledge to promote programs related to sustainable tourism, language learning, the environment, etc. There is always a supervisor available to carry out the assigned tasks.

It is a program where volunteers not only contribute with their ideas to the local organization but also gain valuable experience for their internships. What are you waiting for?

accommodation and meals

Accommodation in Bilbao

Volunteers in Bilbao will be accommodated in the volunteer house, located in the city. There, they will have access to amenities such as WiFi, weekly cleaning, kitchen, bathrooms, common area, etc.

Meals are not included in Bilbao.

Accommodation in Barcelona

The accommodation at the cultural center in Barcelona has mixed-gender rooms. There are also separate apartments for each gender in two different locations in the city.

All meals are vegetarian.

program costs

The total cost of volunteering is divided into 2 parts. The registration fee, which is paid to book your placement, is 210 € (approx. US $253); and the program fee, which is paid later.

The cost of volunteering in Barcelona is 600€ for two weeks, and from this point on, each additional week will have an extra cost of 200€.






















If your currency is not specified in the table, you can convert your costs  here.

What is included in the fee that I am paying?

What additional costs will be incurred by the volunteers?

Flights, travel insurance (obligatory), return to the airport, and other personal expenses.
(*** Volunteers in Argentina will generally find that €50 (approx. 56 USD) is enough to cover basic weekly expenses.)


Leave us your information and we will contact you within the next 24 hours


Our volunteers will be able to validate university credits with the aim of traveling in a more responsible and economical way.

What does volunteering focused on university practices involve?

At Cooperating Volunteers, we make agreements with different universities to validate university credits with the aim of traveling in a more responsible and economical way.

The specialties we work with are extensive: medical volunteering, nursing, education, social work, psychology, physiotherapy, engineering, architecture…

The practices can be carried out in our designated destinations for this purpose, as well as in Spain.

If you choose an international destination, it’s a unique way to live an unforgettable and enriching experience, as you will have the opportunity to continue your education in another country, with a completely different culture.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and being part of the various projects at the destination will allow us to grow both personally and professionally, creating a more extensive curriculum.

And we are fully convinced that this experience will accompany you throughout your life.

You will be able to visit hospitals, schools, centers, orphanages, and participate directly and actively in the daily lives of all those people at the destination, always accompanied by other professionals willing to collaborate hand in hand with you and guide you in daily tasks.

If your university is not part of the agreement with Cooperating Volunteers, you can contact cristina@cooperatingvolunteers.com so that we can get in touch and make this experience a reality. 


Corporate volunteering consists of tailored programs for your company, designed to develop teamwork skills.

It is proven that teamwork directly impacts productivity. 

Collective effort surpasses individual capabilities, promotes diversity of skills, stimulates creativity, and facilitates problem-solving in the face of various challenges.

Therefore, it not only maximizes efficiency but also enriches the work environment.

We conduct corporate volunteering programs that consist of customized programs for your company, designed to develop teamwork skills, improve performance, and foster unity among employees.

We tailor projects to the corporate identity and size of the company, and we can adjust them to any destination and time of the year.

The advantages of corporate volunteering include:

  • Improving communication.
  • Group unity.
  • Cultural integration in different situations.
  • Employee training.
  • Increased Corporate Social Responsibility.

The future is aligned with a more responsible society, and participating in social projects positions our company among the list of revolutionary businesses that want to be part of the change.

If you resonate with this message, corporate volunteering is a unique experience both individually and collectively, and at Cooperating Volunteers, we accompany you throughout the process to make it a unique journey.


Quality time spent with family strengthens emotional bonds, promotes communication, and contributes to the emotional well-being of its members. 

Spending quality time with family and being able to disconnect from our hectic routines is not only enriching but also necessary.

Sometimes we forget to communicate, connect, and dedicate time to each other. Each one of us lives focused on our jobs, schools… And it’s necessary to find the opportunity to pause and take care of ourselves.

Quality time spent with family strengthens emotional bonds, promotes communication, and contributes to the emotional well-being of its members. And of course, it creates lifelong positive memories.

At Cooperating Volunteers, we suggest moving away from those ‘more superficial’ trips (which can also be fantastic), but we invite you to live this experience to bring out our most empathetic and humanitarian side.

Family volunteering gives us the opportunity to be part of a positive impact, promoting values of solidarity and social responsibility.

There are many families who choose to experience these trips focused on cooperation and direct involvement with different communities around the world, where living conditions are very different and sometimes entirely precarious.

Projects are tailored to different ages, allowing us to work together.

An incredible way to fill our suitcase with memories, learning, and knowledge.

And although stepping out of our comfort zone often feels daunting, we assure you firsthand that it’s worth it.

At Cooperating Volunteers, we accompany you throughout the entire experience, from start to finish, to make it unforgettable.


At Cooperating Volunteers, we believe it’s never too late for anything, especially for volunteering and living a unique and unforgettable experience.

There are many people, increasingly so, who opt for responsible travel that involves social work.

Accustomed to organized and mostly touristic trips, at Cooperating Volunteers, we want to advocate for a more enriching experience, one that transforms us from within and allows us to be part of the change the world needs to see.

We can adapt both the destination and the duration of our projects to fit your needs.

It’s an opportunity full of emotions that allows us to significantly contribute to different communities and their evolution. And you can participate in different areas such as education, social support, or assistance in different centers.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Sense of purpose: Provides a sense of purpose by contributing your skills and experiences to meaningful causes.
  • Emotional well-being: Reduces feelings of isolation and establishes social connections.
  • Personal development: It’s continuous learning, skill development, and discovering new activities while keeping the mind-body active.
  • Physical health: Keeping active.
  • Stress reduction: The act of helping others reduces stress and contributes to mental health.

Living this experience will undoubtedly be a before and after. 


A volunteering initiative with leadership and impact through the educational action program.

When we talk about social volunteering, we refer to all those actions and activities carried out altruistically, selflessly, and with the aim of addressing multiple problems and needs of different communities, always focused on education and self-sufficiency.

Education is essential because it provides the tools and knowledge necessary for personal, social, and economic development.

Our goal is to create self-sufficient communities and provide opportunities for the future personal development of each member. The message is not to ‘give’, but to accompany in the process of training for self-managed provision.

At Cooperating Volunteers, many of our destinations and projects embrace this type of volunteering. Some of our projects include: community programs, education, women’s empowerment…

And although they are completely different from each other, they share a single objective: progress towards a society that can embrace us all in the same way.

If you are someone who is restless, who needs to see a change in the future, volunteering is an experience tailor-made for you.