Why choose Cooperating Volunteers?

For several years now, the tourism industry has been growing at a rapid rate. This has allowed us to share our knowledge with an increasingly globalized world, raising awareness among the general public and fostering greater concern for the social, economic, and environmental realities that surround us. This has led to more people wanting to engage in volunteering projects. Many people are now choosing to exchange their conventional holiday (accommodation + planned activities) for a charitable experience that connects them with their most humane aspects: a volunteer program. Thousands of young people come to our organizations, schools, orphanages, hospitals and partner NGOs every year to work as volunteers, collaborating with others and enjoying an experience of this kind.

We support all of these young people, as well as anyone who takes the initiative to participate in a volunteering program, and chooses to assist populations in need. In recent years, in collaboration with our associations, we have organized thousands of volunteering programs for all those individuals who wish to contribute in a safe and responsible manner.

We want your program to be a success. Therefore, we’ll assist you at all stages of the program, starting from the moment you join us by completing the Online Application to the volunteering programme itself, right up to the point at which you catch the plane home.

We aim to convey the work we do through our slogan—“Small actions to change the world”. The significant work of a volunteer, carried out at a specific time and place, contributes to making the world a better place. It is the accumulation of these individual actions that gradually transforms society into a more humane one. Our volunteering programs strive to improve the planet and create a slightly fairer world.

Our working standard is as follows for each of the countries in which we operate:

  • To ensure that the volunteer feels supported by Cooperating Volunteers staff before their arrival in the country where they will complete the volunteer program, during the application process and until they board their flight. This support can be provided via email, Skype or telephone.
  • To accompany the volunteer from their arrival at the airport in the destination country to the location of the volunteer program in which they will be working.
  • To conduct an orientation meeting before the start of the volunteering program to address any questions the participant may have, whether related to their accommodation or the project itself.
  • To provide the volunteer with comfortable and secure accommodation close to their designated volunteering program, alongside other volunteers.
  • To offer a complete, varied and balanced diet during the time for which the volunteer is working on the program.
  • To ensure that the volunteer feels comfortable working on the project through regular meetings.
  • To offer 24/7 support to the volunteers for any needs they may have.
  • To recognize the volunteer’s commendable work with a certified letter or diploma that can be legally included in their CV.


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