Volunteer programs in Europe

Did you know that you can also offer assistance to communities in Europe? The “old continent” is home to a wide range of communities that are open to hosting volunteers, whether for cultural exchange or to support the development of underprivileged areas.

Participating in a volunteer program in Europe will give you a chance to discover the other side of this well-developed continent that is known all over the world. This continent of great world powers is also home to several areas in desperate need of assistance. This program will show you that every region has different needs, and that it’s always possible to contribute regardless of where you find yourself in the world.

On the other hand, working on a volunteer program in Europe will give you a great opportunity to travel easily between neighbouring countries. The public and private transport network, whether land-based or aerial, are usually excellent. As such, it’s usually possible to travel to almost any city in the continent.

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Volunteer programs in  Croatia

  • Creative Technologies Volunteer Program
  • Animal Care Volunteer Program
  • Marine Conservation Volunteer Program

Volunteer programs in  Italy

  • Sustainable Agriculture Volunteer Program
  • Creative Technologies Volunteer Program

Volunteer programs in  Portugal

  • Food Rescue volunteer program
  • Marine Conservation volunteer program
  • Forest Conservation volunteer program
  • Support program for homeless people
  • Teaching volunteer program
  • Animal Conservation volunteer program

Volunteer programs in  Spain

  • Food Bank Program – Barcelona
  • Children’s Monitor Program for Summer Camp – Barcelona
  • Community Building Student Program – Barcelona
  • Art and Therapy Program – Bilbao
  • Sustainability Program in Gardens and Environment – Bilbao
  • Beach and Mountains Cleaning Program – Bilbao
  • Animal Care and Protection Program – Bilbao
  • Digital Marketing Program – Bilbao




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