Teaching Volunteer Program – Mangochi – Malawi

If you have a passion for teaching and being around children, experiencing Malawi as a community teacher or teacher’s assistant is something you will greatly enjoy.

In Malawi, we have a good relationship with leaders of rural villages who want us to organize community programs in the local village hall. In this setting, you will assist children who cannot attend school due to various reasons such as distance, time, or family responsibilities.

There are also teaching opportunities available in traditional classroom settings, where you can support the staff with their designated lessons and introduce your own educational exercises on various subjects.

Your role will involve teaching basic English, sharing songs, engaging in singing activities, and participating in educational games. Additionally, you will guide children in activities like crafts, sports, drawing, coloring, writing, and more.

Please be prepared to dedicate 4-5 hours a day to this program, involving teaching, group leadership, lesson planning, and content creation. Many of the children in this community are quite young and benefit from interactive activities to keep them engaged and facilitate their development.

Program Location: This project is located in the district of Mangochi at the southern end of Lake Malawi.

NOTE OF INTEREST: The volunteer can bring materials, scheduled activities, games, paints, English books, educational toys, any kind of drawing or painting book, among others, to the destination.

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