Teaching volunteering programme – Coral Coast, Sigakota – Fiji

Your teaching work will allow students to interact with someone from another culture, and teachers will have the opportunity to learn different teaching methods and techniques. You will primarily assist the regular school teacher, so it is not necessary for you to have teaching experience.

Children in Fiji need two types of teachers, those with experience and those without; we have found that both can make a very significant and valuable contribution. Experienced teachers will find the freedom to be creative and design their own lesson plans, a refreshing change for some of our more mature participants who say it takes them back to the “good old days.” Those with less or no experience will receive the support and guidance they need from our Teaching Center, a relaxed environment that adapts to the way things are done in Fiji but incorporates updated teaching methods from experienced educators. You must love children and understand their behavior, as you will be surrounded by many of them every day, and their enthusiasm can sometimes be overwhelming, but they are children after all.

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