Medical volunteer program – Sri Lanka

By participating in the medical volunteer program in Sri Lanka, you’ll have the opportunity to observe patients in one of the country’s oldest and largest hospitals. You’ll also have a chance to explore the famous tea plantations in the Sri Lankan highlands. Your placement will be in a Sri Lankan hospital, providing you with insight into the country’s medical system, techniques, and procedures. You’ll work alongside experienced hospital staff, assisting both patients and medical professionals.

Volunteer responsibilities may include:

  • Assisting doctors with patient examinations.
  • Aiding nurses in wound care.
  • Escorting patients for x-rays and scans.
  • Transporting patients from the operating theater to the recovery ward.
  • Organizing enjoyable activities for pregnant mothers and children.
  • Serving coffee/tea to patients.
  • Preparing beds for future patients.
  • Assisting discharged patients to their vehicles.
  • Taking drugs to the patients from the dispensary.
  • Monitoring the temperature of patients suffering with fevers.

Working hours: 4-5 hours a day

LOCATION: Kandy or Rambukkana

For those choosing to participate in the Rambukkana program, the project site is located in Kurunegala, approximately 28 km from the volunteer house. Travel by bus to the project site takes about 45-50 minutes, with a daily commute cost of €1. This program is recommended for medical professionals or medical students. When applying, volunteers must submit their CV in English.

The Kandy program is available exclusively to medical students; medical professionals or qualified doctors are not eligible for this program. Applicants for the Kandy program are required to submit a letter of intent and their CV, both in English.

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