Medical volunteer program – Nepal

There are two types of medical volunteer programs in Nepal: one aimed at volunteers with real medical experience, and others geared towards medicine students.  The volunteers are not actually required in the hospitals or medical centers—they simply attend the program to gain an insight into Nepali medicine and interact with it.

Graduate volunteers who already have medical experience are able to work in a hospital.

The tasks commonly carried out by volunteers include:

  • Monitoring the patients’ vital signs.
  • Informing the patients about the evolution of their disease and the way in which it is being treated.
  • Showing caregivers the best techniques which will allow them to care for their loved ones better.
  • Giving bed baths to bed-ridden patients.
  • Delivering hygiene supplies.
  • Completing a hospice symptom review form to determine the patient’s condition and the appropriate corresponding treatment plan.
  • Educational talks about hygiene and disease prevention.

AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: Chitwan and Kathmandu

* IMPORTANT:  the volunteer must present a copy of his/her study diploma or academic certificate.

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