Medical volunteering programme – mobile centre – India

The Indian healthcare system encapsulates why some people may think twice about visiting the country. The medical volunteering programme seeks to open the volunteer’s eyes to the situation and shine a light on the country’s healthcare requirements. At all times, the medical volunteering programme shall seek to highlight the sanitary conditions in India. In no case will the volunteer be necessary or required for the programme to run.

Volunteers will be able to participate in the small mobile unit.

The mobile unit seeks to provide advice and dispense medicinal products.

The mobile unit  covers the same route every week. Local staff will inform the volunteer of the daily start point and route to be covered each day, with the volunteer expected to work for 2 hours at each stop from Monday to Friday (Saturdays are optional). In general, they will work in the afternoons. Working times: 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 


  • The volunteer must have studied at least 1 year of a medical degree or similar.
  • The volunteer must submit an academic certificate or report. He/she must also submit a letter of recommendation (from the academic institution or a company).
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