Medical volunteer program for homeless people – India

This volunteer program seeks to provide healthcare to homeless people in Jaipur’s various slums. Given their conditions, many people are reluctant to look after them, even if they’re ill or suffering from serious medical conditions. Public hospitals don’t allow them to stay there as there is nobody willing to look after them, owing to the rejection that their condition often generates. For this reason, a health centre conceived especially for homeless people was created.

The site in which the volunteer will work helps to care for these people in the community, conducting regular medical checks and helping them to recover from their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. This program also has its own mobile unit, allowing it to run a healthcare route. On this route, the mobile unit visits the different slums of Jaipur, providing check-ups and dispensing medicinal products.

The volunteer will work for 4-6 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

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