Medical Volunteer Program

The Cooperating Volunteers medical volunteer program in Senegal covers a number of professional fields of medicine and students can have a great experience in any of the areas that are carried out in the medical center.

This volunteer project aims to get volunteers involved in the day-to-day tasks of the medical center and to understand and learn how African medicine works. The tasks of the volunteer vary depending to a large extent on their experience and ability, but it is necessary for the volunteer to adapt to the rhythm of work and Senegalese organization in order to live a successful experience.

The medical center is supported by local volunteers (nurses, doctors, assistants…) who work every day to support the local community.

The center’s daily activities focus on vaccination campaigns, maternity (pre-delivery follow-up, delivery care and 24-hour post-partum follow-up) and family planning.

The volunteer’s work in this program includes assistance in the operation of a local health center, the volunteer does not have any responsibility in the center but is a support throughout their stay in the project. For example, if you are a nursing or medical student or have a trained medical skill, you may be involved in caring for patients, as well as diagnosis, injections, and wound care. If you are a midwife or gynecologist, you can work in the maternity ward helping with prenatal care. If you are a person with an academic background in public health you can also participate in this volunteer project, helping staff to record injections or vaccinations, helping to dispense medicines and supplies, giving educational seminars on knowledge of nursing, nutrition or any other topic you can think of in relation to community health care.

NOTE: The medical program has an extra cost of €150 as a donation to the medical center where we work. The volunteer, together with the local team and the medical staff, will decide how that donation is invested depending on the needs.

Locations: This program takes place in one of the health centers located in M’Bour.

Requirements: This program requires a medium level of French, and an academic certificate in nursing or medicine. They can be students or graduates.

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