Disabled children care volunteer program – Cambodia

Cambodia is a Buddhist country. As such, Cambodian people believe in reincarnation. When a baby is born with a disability,  it is often seen as a sign that the child did something negative in their previous life. Besides this issue of discrimination, the healthcare system is also in a precarious situation. Healthcare is very basic, meaning it’s still very difficult to treat disabilities.

This project is located in the city of Phnom Penh, where the centre offers  disabled children accommodation, food and nursing treatment in accordance with their needs. Daily medical care is also available. The leisure activities are conceived to improve the life conditions of the children.

The objective of the volunteer’s work is to help the local staff look after the children. Volunteers are often tasked with playing with the children, coming up with activities, helping with meals, mobility-related tasks and cleaning. Experienced volunteers can also help with rehabilitation exercises and therapy. Volunteers will be expected to work for 4-6 hours a day.

Volunteers need to be open minded when they’re asked to perform various tasks, always seeking new ways in which they could help out at the centre.

  • Program start date: every Monday
  • Minimum stay: two weeks

Example of the program:
Phnom Penh Nutrition Center. This center is an orphanage that was opened in 1980. 180 disabled and non-disabled children  and young people currently live in the center, from newborns up to the age of 20. The volunteer will be tasked with helping to feed the disabled children and assisting them with mobility-related tasks, helping to care for the babies and helping to feed the children over the age of 6.

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