Childcare volunteer program – Ethiopia

The childcare volunteer program takes place at a daycare center with the primary goal of providing support to children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or are living in poverty. This multifaceted center employs various strategies to address the diverse needs of these young individuals. The center plays two pivotal roles: providing shelter and delivering educational assistance to the children. Some of the children under the care of volunteers reside in the center, where volunteers assist with day-to-day activities. These activities include organizing co-habitation events, educating the children on personal hygiene, and fostering the development of positive values, among other tasks.

Furthermore, one of the center’s key objectives is to impart knowledge to the children. In this capacity, volunteers will collaborate with the center’s library, which offers classes not only to resident children but also to those who attend voluntarily. Volunteers are encouraged to exercise their initiative, considering that they will be actively involved in both teaching and nurturing the children.

In this program, the volunteer will assist with the daily tasks of the center seven days a week. If you would like to engage in alternative activities on weekends, please notify us in advance.

Location: Holeta


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