Los tres países con mayor reserva de agua dulce durante un voluntariado internacional

1. Brasil

Brasil cuenta con una riqueza en agua dulce muy importante que representa el 12% de agua dulce de todo el planeta. Sus 43.000 metros cúbicos por cápita es una cifra elevada que supone un recurso natural muy preciado en todo el mundo.

Coincide al ser el país más extenso de Latinoamérica y poseer un 70% de la región Amazónica, con el conocido río, el Amazonas. El Amazonas es el río más largo y con mayor cabal de todo el mundo. Él solo tiene el 20% de toda el agua fluvial del planeta y además tiene 200 ríos afluentes. Al sur de Brasil hay un acuífero llamado Guaraní. Este se encuentra debajo de diferentes países por lo que el suministro lo comparten entre ellos.

2. Rusia

Es el país más extenso de todo el planeta y tiene unas importantísimas reservas de agua dulce: 2.5 millones de ríos y 2 millones de lagos.  Por ello, cuenta con el 20% del agua dulce superficial. Cuentan con 29.000 metros cúbicos por cápita.

El recurso de agua dulce más importante de Rusia es el lago Baikal, en Siberia. El lago más antiguo y a su vez, el más profundo del mundo. La superficie del lago es, nada menos que, 31.494 km².

3. Estados Unidos

El gran país norte americano tiene más de 100 lagos y unos 3.069 kilómetros cúbicos de agua dulce. Como consecuencia de la densidad de población del país los metros cúbicos por cápita son sustancialmente más inferiores que Brasil y Rusia, con unos 8.800.

Otro de los aspectos a destacar, es que a pesar de esta gran reserva de agua dulce, la distribución de esta es muy desigual en los diferentes estados.

Voluntariado internacional para descubrir las mayores reservas de agua dulce

¿Os habéis planteado enfocar vuestras vacaciones con las motivaciones de conocer los ríos y lagos más importantes del planeta? Al final, son uno de los motivos por los que podemos vivir.

Poder contemplar la belleza del agua es algo que no todos podemos hacer, y solo unos pocos podemos disponer de agua potable, por lo que marcar como estímulo los lagos y ríos del mundo, puede dar lugar a maravillosos viajes durante un voluntariado internacional.

Y si con todo esto, luego tratamos de recorrer países mediante un programa de voluntariado en América, un voluntariado en Asia o un voluntariado en Europa, lugares con agua o lugares con muy poca agua: allá donde vayamos se la verá y beberá de forma distinta y más preciada que nunca.

voluntariado internacional lugares mas agua


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Our volunteers will be able to validate university credits with the aim of traveling in a more responsible and economical way.

What does volunteering focused on university practices involve?

At Cooperating Volunteers, we make agreements with different universities to validate university credits with the aim of traveling in a more responsible and economical way.

The specialties we work with are extensive: medical volunteering, nursing, education, social work, psychology, physiotherapy, engineering, architecture…

The practices can be carried out in our designated destinations for this purpose, as well as in Spain.

If you choose an international destination, it’s a unique way to live an unforgettable and enriching experience, as you will have the opportunity to continue your education in another country, with a completely different culture.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and being part of the various projects at the destination will allow us to grow both personally and professionally, creating a more extensive curriculum.

And we are fully convinced that this experience will accompany you throughout your life.

You will be able to visit hospitals, schools, centers, orphanages, and participate directly and actively in the daily lives of all those people at the destination, always accompanied by other professionals willing to collaborate hand in hand with you and guide you in daily tasks.

If your university is not part of the agreement with Cooperating Volunteers, you can contact cristina@cooperatingvolunteers.com so that we can get in touch and make this experience a reality. 


Corporate volunteering consists of tailored programs for your company, designed to develop teamwork skills.

It is proven that teamwork directly impacts productivity. 

Collective effort surpasses individual capabilities, promotes diversity of skills, stimulates creativity, and facilitates problem-solving in the face of various challenges.

Therefore, it not only maximizes efficiency but also enriches the work environment.

We conduct corporate volunteering programs that consist of customized programs for your company, designed to develop teamwork skills, improve performance, and foster unity among employees.

We tailor projects to the corporate identity and size of the company, and we can adjust them to any destination and time of the year.

The advantages of corporate volunteering include:

  • Improving communication.
  • Group unity.
  • Cultural integration in different situations.
  • Employee training.
  • Increased Corporate Social Responsibility.

The future is aligned with a more responsible society, and participating in social projects positions our company among the list of revolutionary businesses that want to be part of the change.

If you resonate with this message, corporate volunteering is a unique experience both individually and collectively, and at Cooperating Volunteers, we accompany you throughout the process to make it a unique journey.


Quality time spent with family strengthens emotional bonds, promotes communication, and contributes to the emotional well-being of its members. 

Spending quality time with family and being able to disconnect from our hectic routines is not only enriching but also necessary.

Sometimes we forget to communicate, connect, and dedicate time to each other. Each one of us lives focused on our jobs, schools… And it’s necessary to find the opportunity to pause and take care of ourselves.

Quality time spent with family strengthens emotional bonds, promotes communication, and contributes to the emotional well-being of its members. And of course, it creates lifelong positive memories.

At Cooperating Volunteers, we suggest moving away from those ‘more superficial’ trips (which can also be fantastic), but we invite you to live this experience to bring out our most empathetic and humanitarian side.

Family volunteering gives us the opportunity to be part of a positive impact, promoting values of solidarity and social responsibility.

There are many families who choose to experience these trips focused on cooperation and direct involvement with different communities around the world, where living conditions are very different and sometimes entirely precarious.

Projects are tailored to different ages, allowing us to work together.

An incredible way to fill our suitcase with memories, learning, and knowledge.

And although stepping out of our comfort zone often feels daunting, we assure you firsthand that it’s worth it.

At Cooperating Volunteers, we accompany you throughout the entire experience, from start to finish, to make it unforgettable.


At Cooperating Volunteers, we believe it’s never too late for anything, especially for volunteering and living a unique and unforgettable experience.

There are many people, increasingly so, who opt for responsible travel that involves social work.

Accustomed to organized and mostly touristic trips, at Cooperating Volunteers, we want to advocate for a more enriching experience, one that transforms us from within and allows us to be part of the change the world needs to see.

We can adapt both the destination and the duration of our projects to fit your needs.

It’s an opportunity full of emotions that allows us to significantly contribute to different communities and their evolution. And you can participate in different areas such as education, social support, or assistance in different centers.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Sense of purpose: Provides a sense of purpose by contributing your skills and experiences to meaningful causes.
  • Emotional well-being: Reduces feelings of isolation and establishes social connections.
  • Personal development: It’s continuous learning, skill development, and discovering new activities while keeping the mind-body active.
  • Physical health: Keeping active.
  • Stress reduction: The act of helping others reduces stress and contributes to mental health.

Living this experience will undoubtedly be a before and after. 


A volunteering initiative with leadership and impact through the educational action program.

When we talk about social volunteering, we refer to all those actions and activities carried out altruistically, selflessly, and with the aim of addressing multiple problems and needs of different communities, always focused on education and self-sufficiency.

Education is essential because it provides the tools and knowledge necessary for personal, social, and economic development.

Our goal is to create self-sufficient communities and provide opportunities for the future personal development of each member. The message is not to ‘give’, but to accompany in the process of training for self-managed provision.

At Cooperating Volunteers, many of our destinations and projects embrace this type of volunteering. Some of our projects include: community programs, education, women’s empowerment…

And although they are completely different from each other, they share a single objective: progress towards a society that can embrace us all in the same way.

If you are someone who is restless, who needs to see a change in the future, volunteering is an experience tailor-made for you.