Teaching and recreational activities volunteer program – Colombia

During this volunteer program, you will offer support to the teaching staff of local primary and secondary schools in nearby suburban districts. Each school is situated within a 30-minute radius of the volunteer accommodation. You will be transported to the school every morning in a minibus. Once there, your responsibilities will include assisting the teachers in various ways, following any instructions provided. Your role will involve engaging with the students in the classroom to facilitate enjoyable and effective learning. You can employ a variety of methods, such as games, songs, activities, and theatre performances. Your creative contributions to these schools will be immensely valuable and can significantly enhance the learning experience for local children in Cartagena.

Volunteers can help teach a range of interesting subjects, including:

  • Music (piano, violin, acoustic guitar, flute, singing)
  • English (beginner to intermediate level)
  • Karate and other sports such as football, baseball, basketball and volleyball.
  • Arts (sculpture, painting and drawing).
  • Mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, geometry and arithmetic).
  • Dance.

***All volunteers must have a sense of initiative***


  • Inspire the children to learn through creative teaching methods.
  • Gain practical teaching experience while learning from a local experience in Cartagena.
  • Offer practical assistance to local program staff

The volunteer will work on the program for 4 hours a day, whether in the morning or in the afternoon. The rest of the day will be spent preparing lessons/activities for the following day, resting, going sight-seeing, etc.

IMPORTANT: The volunteer won’t be strictly supervised during their participation in the program. Volunteers are expected to be proactive, proposing their own activities during which they can interact with the children. Please note that the Colombian lifestyle and atmosphere may vary greatly from your country of origin.


Volunteers must dress modestly (covered knees and shoulders) while on school grounds.


If he/she wishes, the volunteer may bring their own teaching materials/resources for their lessons. These may include:

  • Interesting board games
  • Books/comics
  • Musical instruments
  • Work sheets
  • Objects of cultural interest.
  • Any other item which could be of use.

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