Childcare volunteer program – San Ramón, Costa Rica

We collaborate with several daycare centers in San Ramón and its surrounding rural areas. These centers are operated and funded through a partnership between local governments and community resources.

The primary aim of these centers is to offer childcare services to working families who are unable to afford private nurseries for their children who are not yet of school age. These centers provide essential supervision, meals, and a safe environment for children to play during the day. Typically, the nurseries cater to children up to the age of 6.

As a volunteer, you will assist the center’s caregivers in delivering their classes, working closely with Costa Rican children during various activities. Your responsibilities will include playing with the children, assisting during meal times (lunch and snacks), helping in the kitchen, and contributing to maintenance tasks.

Previous volunteers who participated in this program have contributed to the creation of a garden. Therefore, by volunteering at our centers, you will play a part in enhancing the facilities for future generations. Please be prepared to share and teach any form of art or handicraft skills that you may have. Your contributions are greatly valued and appreciated.

LOCATION: San Ramón.

REQUIREMENTS: Program only available for women. 

Christmas: 24, 25 and 31 December and the first week of January
Easter: 1 week (the week prior to Easter Sunday).

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