Cooperating Volunteers

Voluntarios Cooperantes is the NGO of Cooperating Volunteers. A portion of 5% from each volunteer’s application fee with Cooperating Volunteers is allocated to the NGO, which supports the implementation of vital social projects.

These projects are primarily carried out in Uganda and India. One notable initiative involved rebuilding houses for families affected by HIV, while another focuses on providing extra-curricular classes to children in rural communities who may not have access to quality education.

In 2016, our objective is to construct a school in Uganda, offering high-quality education at an affordable cost.

Long-term volunteers also have the opportunity to actively participate in these projects, assisting the NGO in project development and monitoring to ensure their success.

Voluntarios Cooperantes NGO

You can read about the achievements of the NGO on the following website: The NGO also arranges charity fundraising events in Spain, where ANY person who wishes to participate in their own “small volunteer program” can collaborate by assisting in event coordination.


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