Teaching volunteer program – Zimbabwe

Every child has the right to a quality education. Those who lack the opportunity to attend an educational institution can suffer long-term, irreversible consequences, potentially trapping them in poverty. Children are well aware that English can serve as a crucial tool for their future, enabling effective communication with others and enhancing their job prospects.

You will be assisting in teaching English to the children at the school.

English classes should be kept basic and clear, as the majority of the children do not yet speak the language.

Due to limited resources and teaching materials, it is crucial to plan and organize new lessons.

You will have the opportunity to either lead your own classes or work as a teaching assistant. You can choose to teach subjects that align with your profile and expertise. English lessons should remain basic and straightforward since most of the children are still learning the language. Your classes may vary depending on your background and training.

The school and the children greatly appreciate your support in after-school extracurricular activities. Volunteers will be responsible for various activities, which may change over time. In general, volunteers’ responsibilities include:

  • Teaching the children
  • Assisting the children with their homework
  • Helping during lunctime
  • Organizing entertainment activities for the children
  • Planning games and other activities.
  • Conducting sports coaching sessions for the children.
  • Teaching the children about the importance of personal hygiene

IMPORTANT: The above-mentioned activities will not be conducted daily but will depend on the specific needs of each activity. The work schedule will be defined and implemented according to the project’s requirements and will follow the decisions of the technical team.

NOTE OF INTEREST: Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own materials, pre-planned activities, games, art supplies, English-language books, educational toys, drawing or painting materials, etc.

Please note that the school will be closed during August and from December to January due to school holidays.

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