Women development volunteer program – Nicagagua

The women development volunteer program in Nicaragua seeks to provide development tools for the women who attend the center, looking for an opportunity to study and/or work. We primarily work with pregnant women and mothers.


  • Conducting workshops and discussions aimed at equipping women in the community with tools for development and independence.
  • Providing resources to help women overcome their fears and adversities.
  • Offering psychoeducation on gender equality and women’s rights.
  • Organizing professional development workshops for women at the center.
  • Facilitating sexual education workshops and discussions to prevent early pregnancies.
  • Teaching basic literacy to create opportunities and enhance personal skills.

 Minimum stay: 2 weeks.

Closed: Holy Week, 1 May, 14 and 15 September, 19 July and Christmas holidays.

IMPORTANT: The mentioned activities will not occur daily; instead, their frequency will depend on the specific needs of each activity. The work schedule will be established and implemented in accordance with the project’s requirements and will be guided by the decisions of the technical team.

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