Turtles volunteer program – Sri Lanka

There are 7 different turtle species worldwide, with 5 of them found in the Indian Ocean.

Volunteers in our program will assist in breeding and caring for 4 different species of turtle living in the Indian Ocean.

Our turtle recovery center currently houses approximately 30 disabled turtles, and we also incubate hundreds of turtle eggs, releasing the hatchlings into the ocean.

Ambalangoda is located near the Indian Ocean, renowned for its turtle nesting sites. Unfortunately, many of these species are endangered due to various factors.

Volunteers in this program will become integral members of the local community, contributing to the conservation of marine species and the protection of their habitat.

In your efforts to safeguard these turtles, you’ll enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and explore the area’s pristine sandy beaches.

Location: Ambalangoda

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