Turtle work volunteer program – Panama

Volunteers collaborate in the protection of sea turtle species in the coastal waters of Panama.

The volunteer work will focus on the conservation of the Olive Ridley or Golfina sea turtle species (Leopidochelys olivacea), which is found along the Panamanian coast. As additional information: Did you know that there are seven species of sea turtles worldwide? Well, five of them lay their eggs in Panama.

The volunteer project will be located in Veraguas, at Playa Mata Oscura (nesting site), where volunteers will learn all about the world of sea turtles. They will contribute their work and dedication to safeguard an endangered species.

There will be periods of the year when the project will be carried out differently, as the nesting times of the turtles are limited to six months per year. The schedules for this project differ from others, and volunteers will be required during evening-night hours.

Tasks to be carried out:

1. Implementing social awareness about the importance of species conservation. Volunteers can conduct informative talks.

2. Tasks for veterinary students or professionals.

3. Releasing hatchlings into the ocean.

4. Participating in conservation efforts for an endangered species.

In Punta Chame, conservation, research, awareness, and environmental education activities are combined to promote sustainable and appropriate practices focused on sea turtles.

There are records of one of the seven species of sea turtles in the world nesting in this area: the Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea). The peak nesting months for turtles occur from July to January.

Tasks to be carried out:

1. Relocating nests to the hatcheries.

2. Collecting biometric data from nesting turtles.

3. Relocating nests on the same beach.

4. Releasing newly hatched baby turtles (neonates). Exhuming nests and data collection (during the hatching season).

5. Assisting in obtaining reliable databases.

6. Participating in construction and maintenance tasks of the hatcheries.

7. Conducting environmental educational activities with students from the Punta Chame school and surrounding areas.

IMPORTANT: When to go? The nesting season for turtles is from July to January.

LOCATION: Mata Oscura and Punta Chame

AVAILABILITY: The Mata Oscura program will be open from July 1st to January 20th, 2023.

The Punta Chame program will be open from July to the end of December.

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