The Andes – Ecuador


The Andes region, better known as the “Avenue of the Volcanoes,” is a fascinating blend of colonial architecture and indigenous culture, making it an ideal setting for community volunteer programs.

English Teaching – The Andes

Our English teaching program takes place in rural communities in the Andean valleys.

Through volunteering, we aim to support children at risk of dropping out of school, who attend schools with limited resources. We motivate them to enjoy learning a second language, which will enable them to access new opportunities for intellectual, cultural, and economic development in the future. This creates a real long-term impact on the development of the local community, helping to prevent educational dropout, which can lead to unemployment, the acquisition of vices such as alcoholism and drug addiction, and ultimately, poverty.

Improving the English level has become a priority in Ecuador, and it is now a pillar within the national curriculum that different educational institutions must follow. However, this is not enough, as the need for English teachers is significant, especially in isolated areas striving to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Education.


  • Assisting English teachers
  • Class planning
  • Preparing educational materials
  • Supporting students with their tasks
  • Conducting workshops for pronunciation improvement
  • Assisting with grammar structure
  • Reading books in English
  • Organizing games and recreational activities

community agriculture Ecuador

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Agriculture and Community Tourism in the Andes

The sustainable agriculture program is carried out in a rural community located an hour away from the capital city.

Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture and community tourism. Many families dedicate their land plots to implement permaculture programs that benefit the local members. Volunteer support is essential for the development of the field, as well as for community tourism, which has become another major source of income for the population. The community offers an incredible habitat amidst the cloud forest. Today, the community has become a reference in habitat conservation and enterprise management.


  • Supporting the maintenance of family orchards
  • Soil preparation
  • Organic farming techniques
  • Compost preparation
  • Supporting rural women in productive ventures
  • Assisting in jam and dairy factories
  • Improving trails and nurseries
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