Teaching volunteer program – Tazouka – Morocco

During the school period, volunteers participate in classes at various primary schools.

In Morocco, the second language is typically French, but society is adept at learning foreign languages, so it’s beneficial if the volunteer can teach English or Spanish at a basic level or assist in advancing French studies.

In addition to language instruction, volunteers can also engage in teaching mathematics, geography, or arts and crafts. These subjects are interactive and facilitate communication between the volunteer and the students.

The program’s schedule depends on the day-to-day activities. Generally, volunteers attend in the morning for 3 hours to teach subjects. In the afternoons, activities vary throughout the week. Some afternoons, volunteers spend 2 and a half hours on teaching activities, while others involve entertainment activities, cleaning the center and accommodation, or free time.

Please note that there are no classes from October 23 to October 30, 2022, from December 04 to December 11, 2022, from January 22 to January 29, 2023, and from April 29 to May 07, 2023.

* However, during these school holidays, volunteers can engage in the following tasks: painting and decorating the school, teaching Spanish, English, or French to children aged 7 to 13. The number of children may be around 20 at most, as not all of them attend during the holidays.

RAMADAN: There is no volunteering during Ramadan, which falls from March 22 to April 21, 2023. However, in 2023, Ramadan coincides with Easter, so it will be possible to participate in the volunteering experience during this week and immerse yourself in the typical customs of Ramadan, including gastronomy and the Ramadan period.

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