Teaching volunteer program – Sri Lanka

The primary goal of this teaching program is to provide English lessons to local individuals who cannot afford private language classes.

Volunteers will observe that many local people, particularly those not working in the tourist industry, have limited proficiency in English. Additionally, due to their age, many local children also possess a basic level of English.

Volunteers will be placed in nurseries, public schools, local temples/monk schools, and community centers, where they will conduct 2-3 classes daily for children aged 3 to 15. Each class typically consists of 5 to 15 students.

An intriguing aspect of this program is the opportunity for volunteers to teach English to Buddhist monks at a nearby Buddhist school in Rambukkana. Volunteers will work at this school 2-3 afternoons a week, as monk schools often have afternoon sessions.

Volunteers should have a strong command of English and confidence in teaching writing, reading, and speaking skills in the language. While teaching qualifications or experience are not required, volunteers are encouraged to come prepared by completing relevant training or activities related to English teaching and engaging with children.

Location: Rambukkana and Kandy

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