Teaching and academic support volunteer program – Panama

Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in providing classes to students in primary, secondary, or high school education, with bilingual volunteers teaching English in the latter case. There is also the option to teach children with different abilities.

In Panama, like in many Latin American countries, the public education system faces significant challenges, including low teacher salaries, content deficiencies, lack of school maintenance, and more.
The educational program’s goal is to offer support and reinforcement in various subjects through volunteer participation. Volunteers are encouraged to bring pre-planned activities for their classes.

Depending on the number of volunteers, groups will be formed to make workshops, activities, and academic support engaging and enjoyable, providing a break from the routine. Therefore, each volunteer is expected to propose an activity or workshop.

Tasks to be carried out:

Conducting recreational activities to aid in children’s cognitive development, teaching subjects like English, Mathematics, Art, and Science, and developing a workshop proposal for the school.


AVAILABILITY: Open from mid-March to November.

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