Teaching volunteer program – Koforidua – Ghana

Volunteers will assist teachers in various primary schools and rural orphanages in Koforidua. Although English is the official language in Ghana, many children struggle to speak it fluently. English is primarily used orally in classrooms but is rarely spoken outside of school. At home and with friends, students often use Nigerian Pidgin, which is a blend of English and their native language. Moreover, since gaining independence, fewer Ghanaians speak English proficiently compared to 50 years ago. Without proper English language skills, students may settle for less favorable job opportunities. Your role will involve supporting teachers in the classroom and helping children feel more comfortable speaking English. You’ll focus on improving their listening and speaking skills through interactive and enjoyable activities. Students often show more interest when being taught by international volunteers than by local teachers. English isn’t the only subject you can teach; you can also assist in science, mathematics, art classes, and more. Volunteers with knowledge or interest in ICT can help with primary school’s ICT classes, as computer skills are limited in Ghana. No prior teaching experience or degree is required to participate in the teaching volunteering program. All volunteers are capable of teaching basic English, and you can choose the subjects you’d like to teach.

Availability: The teaching program in Koforidua for 2023 will run from January 18th to December 17th, with school holidays on the following dates (subject to change by the government): April 12th to 18th, June 10th to July 25th, and September 30th to October 9th. Alternatively, you can apply for the orphanage program in Koforidua.

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