Teaching volunteer program – Indonesia

Despite being an Indonesian island, Flores is still trying to keep up with the rest of the country. As such, the support required to improve the standard of living of local people is higher and more necessary on this island. The education system is similar to the rest of the island; however, the need for better educational facilities is evident.

The objective of our teaching volunteer program is to provide support to children in Flores, with a specific focus on improving their skills and knowledge of the English language.

You’ll have the freedom to be creative and design your own lesson plans within a relaxed atmosphere, combining the local way of doing things. You can help to improve the students’ knowledge of English, helping them to gain confidence in their use of the language.

The working hours are subject to change, depending on climate conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

The working days may vary during the school exam period, local holidays and school holidays (in Spring, summer or at Christmas). Alternative activities may include the nursery volunteer program, conservation tasks, community cleaning and restoration tasks or working on a school camp.

Location:  Lombok

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