Teaching and academic support volunteer program – Guatemala

The objective of the project is to train young people to become social leaders. The volunteers will live within a multi-cultural environment, working in a team to carry out institutional projects or tasks, accompanying the local people in their day-to-day lives. They will also help to deliver workshops and meet the needs of our partner centres and homes.

This valuable professional experience represents a fantastic opportunity to discover the local culture while living with a ‘family’ of friends. Above all else, it is a chance to help to improve the quality of life of more than 200 children, teenagers and elderly people.

In Guatemala, the volunteer programs seek to aid the social inclusion of children, young people and elderly adults who have seen their rights violated.

In Guatemala, the level of teaching is relatively low. All of the children who have access to basic education need academic support classes in reading and writing, mathematics and other subjects. In this program, workshops and training courses are ran with a view to supporting the children in the community.

The objective of this educational volunteer program is to provide assistance and academic support in various lessons.

In this program, volunteers are asked to bring their own pre-planned activities to carry out with the children.


  • Developing educational and recreational activities.
  • Teaching of basic literacy and numeracy.
  • Extra-curricular assistance and support for subjects such as mathematics, English and other lessons.
  • Helping the teachers with academic and administrative tasks.

IMPORTANT: the mentioned activities will not be carried out on a daily basis. Rather, this will depend on the demands of the specific activity. The working routine will be defined and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the project, and will follow the decisions of the technical team.

NOTE OF INTEREST: The volunteer may take their own materials, pre-planned activities, games, paint, English-language books, educational toys and any type of drawing or painting book, etc.

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