Teaching and sports volunteering programme – Malawi

The teaching and sports volunteering programme is conceived to facilitate the development of children in the community.

By working on this project, volunteers will help local teachers deliver basic education classes in a rural school in the mornings, and will run sports coaching sessions in the afternoons.

The objective of this volunteering programme is to help the children to develop teamwork skills and other abilities, encouraging them to exercise more frequently.


  • Volunteers will help to enhance the development of the children’s education.
  • They can run sports coaching sessions and outdoor recreational activities.
  • Volunteers will attend one of the local primary schools. In exceptional cases, they may be required to work in a secondary school.
  • During the morning, the volunteers will help to teach curriculum materials such as English, mathematics and science.
  • During the afternoon, the volunteers will be tasked with organising and running sporting activities and coaching sessions, which may include football, netball, volleyball and rounders.
  • During longer stays, volunteers might be able to organise matches or small-scale tournaments amongst the students, or even with nearby schools or local teams.
    As is the case with most African countries, football is the most popular sport amongst Malawian boys. The most popular sport amongst girls, meanwhile, is netball.
  • Volunteers will work alongside a school teacher or the coach of a local team, helping to run warm ups, exercises, ball drills, games, fitness coaching and speed, weights, balance and coordination sessions. They will also be tasked with offering nutrition advice and hygiene tips.
  • Local tournaments are occasionally organised between nearby villages or schools, giving your team the chance to showcase its new skills and improved physical fitness.

Location of the volunteering programme
This programme is based in the district of Mangochi, in the far south of Lake Malawi.

NOTE: Minimum stay: 4 weeks.

IMPORTANT: the mentioned activities will not be carried out on a daily basis. Rather, this will depend on the demands of the specific activity. The working routine will be defined and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the project, and will follow the decisions of the technical team.

NOTE OF INTEREST: The volunteer may take their own materials, pre-planned activities, games, paint, English-language books, educational toys and any type of drawing or painting book, etc.

The standards of Malawian schools are far lower that those of conventional western schools. They are poorly organised, and time is far from being a priority.

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