Teaching and family development volunteer program at Homes – Panama

In this program, volunteers have the opportunity to accompany and share their knowledge with children at various academic levels, aiming to reinforce and enhance their school performance. Volunteers will also guide the children in their study processes, especially in subjects like mathematics, Spanish, English, and others, where many of these children face difficulties due to economic limitations preventing them from accessing proper education.

Volunteers are encouraged to conduct workshops and activities in their areas of expertise, allowing them to share their skills with the children.

Depending on the number of volunteers, groups will be formed to ensure that workshops, activities, and academic support become engaging ways of learning, sharing, having fun, and breaking from routine. Therefore, it is essential for every volunteer in the project to bring a PROPOSAL FOR AN ACTIVITY OR WORKSHOP.

Tasks to be carried out:

Personalized school reinforcement

Develop your workshop proposal at homes


AVAILABILITY: Open from mid-March to November.


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