Sustainable Agriculture Volunteer Program – Italy

This program gives volunteers the opportunity to experience helping local NGOs take care of gardens. Volunteers can enjoy the activities workshop for manufacturing and crafts.

As a volunteer, you will work in a multicultural, sustainable, and ecological environment. You will have the chance to work in the field with immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, as well as individuals with mental and physical disabilities, elderly, and children.

The volunteer activities in this program vary according to the season, some of which are:

Planting, watering, and general care of the garden, which includes a collection of typical Mediterranean plants.

Cultivating and harvesting vegetables and legumes in the large garden.

Artisanal activities, creating objects with different designs using waste or recyclable materials.

Urban beekeeping and honey production.

Taking care of farm animals.

Multi-ethnic cooking classes.

Supporting the association during events and with the sale of their artisanal and food products, among many other items.

Workshops where you can interact with children.

Urban redevelopment interventions, entirely with recycled materials.

As these tasks vary depending on the season, it’s important for the volunteer to be willing to participate in any of them.

Requirement: A minimum commitment of two weeks for this project.

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