Support Program for Homeless People – Portugal

In Portugal, the social gap is really visible, mainly after the two last economic crisis. This is why poverty is more visible everyday in cities such as Lisbon.

The program is carried out in Lisbon, alongside a non-profit organization that has as an objective to decrease disparities and poverty.

The centre where the volunteer will work gives shelter to homeless people, with addiction to drugs. It is supposed to minimize the risks that addiction generates.

The volunteer will provide support in the area that needs the most assistance at any given time: cooking, preparing, and distributing food; organizing recreational and sports activities; assisting in the proper maintenance and management of the center; managing clothing donations and collections; participating in educational activities or therapies, and more.

A typical day in the Program:

The day starts with breakfast at 8 in the morning. Volunteers will have the entire morning free to relax, do tourism, wander around, etc. Lunch is served at 12:30 at the accommodation. Afterward, volunteers will have a few hours to recharge, and at 4 pm, the volunteer program begins, which is located very close to the accommodation.

Location: Lisbon

Duration: between 1 and 12 weeks

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