Sports volunteer program – Uganda

This volunteer program is held in primary schools. Many Ugandan families don’t let their children go out to play with other children. They are therefore blocking the children’s future and preventing them from developing their talent, something which breaches their rights. The sports volunteer program offers a wide range of activities in which the children can participate.

Various activities such as football, volleyball and basketball can be organised in regular schools or in established teams. It’s a fantastic way of developing a child’s sense of team spirit, building their confidence in the games that are organised with other local sides.

The timetable may vary, as there can be gaps between physical education classes and other lessons. As such, the volunteer who signs up to this project will also participate in the teaching volunteer program related to other subjects. Remember that this project requires the volunteer to use their initiative to create activities more than any of the other programs. The volunteer should come prepared with an idea of the activities that he/she wants to run with the local children. If possible, they should bring some material with them (one or two balls, football boots that they don’t use any more, etc.). At midday on weekends, the volunteers can run coaching sessions in local football academies for children who walk 2-4 hours a day to get to the academy.

The sports volunteer program activities include the instruction and teaching of other subjects such as English, maths, science and physical education.

Example of the sports volunteer program in Uganda:
Cooperating Volunteers Academy, located in the city of Fort Portal lying 300 kilometres west of Kampala. This is just one of the many villages in which we operate, and isn’t necessarily the one in which you will be based as a volunteer).

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