Community volunteer program – São Paulo – Brazil

In this diverse program, you will contribute to the betterment of underprivileged children and villagers in São Paulo by engaging in various tasks.

Our program offers you the opportunity to assist disadvantaged local families in enhancing their quality of life. The tasks can range from house renovations, teaching English to children at a community center, to participating in community clean-up efforts. You may also have the chance to prepare nutritious meals for families in the community.

This program allows you to make a meaningful impact on these families’ lives. Typically, children attend school for only half a day. After their classes conclude, you can provide English lessons at the community center. Get creative and teach them an English song or engage in fun games. Brazilian children have a passion for sports, so if you also enjoy physical activities, they would be thrilled to teach you one of their games or even play a football match with you.

LOCATION: São Paulo 


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