Quito – Ecuador


Quito, the capital of Ecuador, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It represents the largest historic and cultural center in the Americas. Its traditions, landscapes, and people are more than enough incentives to get to know this beautiful city.

Childcare – Quito

This project is located in the Pichincha province in northern Ecuador, where volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a network of community daycare centers located in the city of Quito.

This volunteer program benefits children aged 1 to 3 years and aims to provide assistance to mothers with limited financial resources who, due to various reasons or daily work, cannot take care of their children, thus preventing them from being left alone at home during the day.


  • Support in early stimulation
  • Assisting with feeding
  • Cleaning and hygiene care for the children
  • Strengthening hygiene habits
  • Organizing recreational activities
  • Developing didactic materials
  • Supporting social interaction dynamics
  • Teaching English
  • Conducting educational games

*Minimum stay of two weeks.

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English Teaching Program – Quito

Our teaching program takes place in public and private schools in the marginalized urban sectors of the city of Quito.

The objective is to provide assistance in different subjects taught in educational centers. The tasks include:

  • Assisting English teachers
  • Class planning
  • Preparing educational materials
  • Supporting students with their tasks
  • Conducting workshops for pronunciation improvement
  • Assisting with grammar structure
  • Reading books in English
  • Organizing games and recreational activities
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Special needs program – Quito

Our program for people with different abilities is carried out in Rehabilitation Centers located in the city of Quito.

These centers receive little funding for their operation. Volunteers become a source of sustainability and support for people who come to the center seeking help, containment, and assistance.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • Assisting where needed in the center
  • Volunteers work approximately four to six hours per day.
  • Most centers welcome volunteers to play with the children, create activities, assist with tasks such as feeding, movement, and cleaning.
  • Volunteers can also assist with rehabilitation exercises and therapy.
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