Puppy volunteering programme (Pejeng, Ubud) – Bali

Balinese dogs are, by nature, free animals that have roamed the streets of Bali for thousands of years. Around 90% of these stray dogs have a place to which they “belong”. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these dogs are regularly fed or looked after.

In the puppy volunteering programme, you will work in a dog shelter where you will care for dogs and help them in their rehabilitation programme. With your help, after a while, they will be ready to be adopted by a loving and caring person/family.

The volunteer’s tasks include walking the dogs, feeding them, cleaning them and the shelter and socialising with the dogs (showing them love and affection). The latter will ensure that they get accustomed to human interaction, which will help to ready them for adoption.

The working hours are subject to change, depending on climate conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Accommodation: Volunteers will live in our volunteer houses in the town of Pejeng Kaja, located in the outskirts of Ubud.

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