Childcare volunteer program – Argentina

In Buenos Aires, volunteers will work in two centers. The ages of the children will vary from 6 to 15 years old, depending on the center.

In the home, the children are provided with everything they need to ensure they are well cared for during their crucial early years of life. We provide them with food, love, and attention, while teaching them the importance of personal hygiene.

In the center, apart from helping to care for the children and ensuring their hygiene, the volunteers serve as the primary educational resource for these children.

Tasks to be carried out:

  • Organize recreational activities for the children.
  • Assist the children with their personal hygiene.
  • Coordinate sporting activities.
  • Provide medical assistance: accompany the children to their medical appointments.
  • Assist with feeding the children.
  • Handle administrative tasks, including accounting and web design, among others.

IMPORTANT: The local team will assign the centres to each volunteer, based on each individual profile. 

The aforementioned activities will not be carried out on a daily basis. This will depend on the requirements of each specific activity. The working routine will be defined and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the project, and will follow the decisions of the technical team.

NOTE OF INTEREST: The volunteer may take their own materials, pre-planned activities, games, paint, English-language books, educational toys and any type of drawing or painting book, etc.

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