Orphanage volunteer program – Koforidua – Ghana

Volunteers in this program will be working with children from rural orphanages in Koforidua. In Ghana, there are two main types of orphanages: state-funded and privately operated. State-funded orphanages are often large, urban, and institutional, while private orphanages tend to be smaller and rely on support from organizations.

The organizations dedicated to these volunteering programs manage the orphanages, which often struggle to obtain the necessary resources. These orphanages receive funding from local groups, churches, and individual donations.

As a volunteer, you will be assigned to one of the three orphanages we collaborate with, all of which are located in the rural outskirts of Koforidua.

One of these orphanages is situated within a school. If you’re assigned to this particular orphanage, you’ll have the opportunity to teach subjects such as mathematics, English, and literacy, among others.

The children living in the orphanages we work with are fortunate to have a home, food, and access to education. Both the children and the staff members at these three orphanages are welcoming and eager to embrace the volunteers. A significant part of the program is dedicated to teaching, caring for, and engaging in recreational activities with the children.

Availability: the program will be open year-round

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