Nursery volunteer program – Maldives

In this program the volunteer will assist the teachers in a nursery in the Maldives with kids from 3 to 4 years.

The nursery is private, but it provides free education to some children with less economic resources.

The main aim is to give a basic knowledge of English to the littlest ones, so as to make it easier for them to learn it in the future, since in a tourist destination such as Maldives knowing how to speak English is key.

The role of the volunteer in this project is to assist teachers to facilitate their work and so the children can receive more attention individually. Through interaction, games, activities, etc. the volunteer will collaborate in the improvement of the communicative skills of the students.

The volunteer can teach basic English words to the older ones, organize dynamic activities…

The qualities and training of small children are key to their future development.

In Maldives on Friday is a holiday and there are no classes so on Fridays the volunteer will participate in cleaning the beaches.

AVAILABILITY: the program will remain closed during Ramadan (from 24 April to 24 May)


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