Nursery volunteer program (Guilin) – China

In this volunteer program, participants will be responsible for the care of children aged between 4 and 6 years old, primarily from underprivileged local villages. These children will be excited to meet you as you may be one of the few Western individuals they have ever encountered.

Similar to many nurseries worldwide, the teaching approach here is informal. Children prefer to engage with you rather than being subjected to formal instruction. If you can inspire them to attend school and teach them some basic English phrases (such as simple greetings), you will have made a significant impact.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to expand the children’s horizons, encourage school attendance, and impart fundamental English language skills, which will be invaluable for their future.

As a participant in the nursery and pre-school volunteering program, you’ll be able to contribute in various ways:

  • Assisting in maintaining the well-being and hygiene of the children.
  • Providing general support to the teachers.
  • Engaging in playtime with the children.
  • Planning and conducting specific games in English.

Participating in this volunteer program is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and engage with the local community. You will collaborate with local staff to nurture preschool children, teach them English, and coordinate their daily activities.

Accommodation:  Guilin is a province in southern China. Our center is situated amid mountains on the outskirts of an authentic and rustic village, within a 260-year-old building dating back to the Qing dynasty. The surrounding areas are ideal for hiking, providing stunning vistas of the hills and local farmers diligently tending to their fields. The volunteer house is a typical Chinese building nestled in the mountains.

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