Nursery volunteering programme – Gatanga Village – Kenya

On this volunteering programme, the volunteer will work with small children aged between 3 and 6 years old, based in local schools in the Gatanga area.

Each class has an average of 30 children per classroom. As such, the help of the volunteers is hugely appreciated by the local staff.

You will collaborate with local teachers, helping them to deliver their classes. You’ll also have the opportunity to lead groups and devise your own activities, such as drawing, colouring, playing games, etc.

As a volunteer, you will support the teachers and provide extra assistance. Your main objective will be to teach English to the children through the use of creative expressions, stories, poems, songs and games.

The ability to speak English can enormously improve the career prospective of young people. Despite the fact that the language is widely taught in Kenya, children in some rural areas often aren’t able to practice it enough.

Accommodation:  You’ll stay in the volunteers house in Gatanga Village. This accommodation has electricity and hot water. However, don’t lose sight of the fact that this is Africa, and that power cuts can occur at any time.

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