Nursery volunteering programme- Coral Coast, Sigakota – Fiji

The class size in the kindergartens is large, making it challenging for the local staff to provide each child with the attention they need. Your job here is to lend a hand in caring for and attending to the children. It’s also the perfect opportunity to put into practice any skills or interests you have, whether it’s doing crafts or teaching games and songs to the children—your suggestions will be warmly welcomed. With initiative and enthusiasm, the possibilities are endless.

You can work towards achieving the goals set in the kindergarten’s plan, including conducting educational games and group activities, providing emotional support, and helping to improve the quality of life for those living in underprivileged communities. Some of the activities during the program could involve teaching basic English, planning activities for English comprehension, playing games with the children, organizing age-appropriate dynamic activities, developing students’ conversational skills, or assisting the children in engaging with the English language, etc.


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