Nursery volunteer program – Colombia

In this project, you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself within the local community. This project is hosted at government centers that offer daycare services for families facing financial constraints.

Volunteers will be assigned tasks based on the specific needs of the community. Each daycare facility typically accommodates around 10-15 children. The tasks may encompass child care, teaching classes, organizing recreational activities, and providing basic English lessons.

Depending on the volunteer’s interests and skills, their contribution can be focused on:

– Childcare

– Conducting craft workshops

– Organizing recreational activities

– Offering English classes

IMPORTANT: Volunteers are required to submit their Curriculum Vitae and Motivation Letter for evaluation by the local team. The tasks assigned will be determined based on the volunteer’s profile and the time of year they wish to volunteer.

It’s important to note that volunteers should not anticipate constant supervision while participating in the project. They are expected to take initiative and propose activities for interacting with the children. It is crucial to understand that the environment and way of life in Colombia may significantly differ from that of your home country.

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