Medical volunteer program – Uganda

Cooperating Volunteers’ medical volunteer program in Uganda covers various professional medical fields, providing students with valuable experience in the different medical branches practiced in hospitals.

The objective of this volunteer program is for participants to engage in the day-to-day activities of a hospital or medical center, allowing them to learn about African medicine. The specific tasks assigned to volunteers may vary, depending largely on their experience and skill level. However, for a successful experience, it’s crucial for volunteers to adapt to the organizational structure and work pace of Uganda.

In this volunteer program, participants will be expected to assist in the operation of a local health center. Here, they will help address some of the most common health issues in Uganda, providing support to local doctors and nurses at all times. For example, if you are a nursing or medical student or possess specific medical skills, you can assist in patient care, diagnostics, injections, and wound treatments. If you are a midwife or gynecologist, you can work in the maternity ward and contribute to prenatal care. Those with academic training in public health can also participate by assisting staff in recording injections or vaccines, prescribing medications and supplies, and delivering educational seminars on nursing, nutrition, or other topics related to community healthcare.

To participate in the medical volunteer program, volunteers must possess proper training or qualifications in their relevant medical field. Therefore, volunteers are requested to provide a copy of their qualifications and the relevant academic certificate to the local program staff in Uganda upon their arrival at the site.

NOTE: the medical volunteer program has an additional cost of €150. This money will go towards the running of the hospital.

IMPORTANT: Volunteers working in the medical volunteering program should bring work attire (scrubs), suitable footwear, and materials commonly used in the healthcare field.

Example of the medical volunteer program in Uganda:
The Regional Hospital of Fort Portal is situated in a rural village in Fort Portal, within the Kabarole district, approximately 300 kilometers west of Kampala. This hospital serves as the primary government medical facility in the region and provides healthcare services to thousands of residents in the districts of Kabarole, Kasese, Bundibugyo, Kibale, Kyenjonjo, Mbarara, and Ibanda. (Please note that this is just one of the several hospitals and health centers available in our volunteer program, and it may not necessarily be the hospital to which the volunteer will be assigned.)

REQUIREMENTS: Academic or professional certificate.

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