Medical volunteer program – Koforidua – Ghana

The projects of our medical volunteer program are located in the two main hospitals of Koforidua. There are several branches and they are spread over many departments. Volunteers are needed at any time for surgery, physical therapy, emergency, maternity, trauma, nursing, dentistry and general medicine.

The head of the department you are assigned to will act as your supervisor. You may work alongside him or her directly or have a designated member of staff to help you.

Regardless of which hospital you are assigned to, you will enjoy a job that will give you plenty of opportunities. You will be able to take as much time as you need for each patient, interacting and observing as a medical student.

This medical volunteer program gives you a unique opportunity to experience and learn first-hand about medical practice in developing countries. Therefore, you will observe some things that are not often practiced in the hospitals you know. An open mind is required for the success of your project work. All volunteers are required to be medical students or doctors, nurses, or other health professionals.

IMPORTANT: Minimum stay of 3 weeks.

REQUIREMENTS: Student or professional certificate. For the medical program the minimum stay is 3 weeks. There is an extra cost of 100 $. Only for the professional doctors already qualified, the cost will be 200 $.

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