Medical Volunteer Program – Huanchaco (Trujillo) – Peru

Our Medical Volunteer Program focuses on supporting different local clinics. The health problems faced by these care centres, often overcrowded due to lack of infrastructure, are sometimes caused by a lack of resources or basic health information.

With the help of volunteers, we aim to reach a larger population and have greater contact with the community through family visits, outreach work and public campaigns. Volunteers will be involved in helping to promote and maintain the effective, warm and efficient services provided by the Health Centre.

For certified doctors/nurses: we can develop specific roles and tasks depending on the skills and experience of each volunteer and the needs of the clinics, health clinics and local communities.

Minimum Stay: 2 weeks.

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Medical Volunteer Program – Cusco – Peru

It is a social project that serves around 20,000 beneficiaries from the surrounding population. It is a medical establishment where primary care and routine check-ups of community members are carried out. It is also known as a family health centre.

The areas of work are:

  General medicine, nutrition, psychology, dentistry, nursing, obstetrics, laboratory.

– Accompaniment in the activities of the areas: maternity, children, laboratory, psychology.

– Supporting staff in filling out medical records and registering patients.

– Accompanying doctors on duty in the different areas of the centre (by speciality).

Open all year round except national holidays.

Logistics: Bus, (€0.30/each trip) – 45 minutes travel time.

Timetable of the program:  M-F from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Minimum stay Cusco: 2 weeks.

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