Marine Conservation Volunteer Program – Portugal

This program is perfect for volunteers who have a passion for the sea, ocean conservation, and diving. Volunteers will join a dedicated diving school focused on environmental protection, where they will dive into Portuguese waters to help clean the seabed. This hands-on experience will provide insight into the ecosystem of the southern coast of Portugal, conservation methods, and the current state of the environment.

Volunteers, regardless of their diving experience, will receive comprehensive training in marine conservation. The program welcomes beginners (starting with Open Water Diver Certification) and more experienced divers (beginning with Advanced Open Water Diver Certification).

A typical day in the program:

A typical day starts with breakfast at 8 am at the volunteer house, followed by a morning dive in the Atlantic Ocean at 9 am. Lunch is served at 2 pm, and volunteers have the afternoon free to explore the city and enjoy the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean.

* Please note that schedules may vary due to changing needs and weather conditions.

Location: Lisbon

Duration: between 1 and 4 weeks

* Important: programs will be closed from November to February.

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