Mangrove Conservation Volunteer Program – Madagascar

In this exciting program participants will be involved in important work to maintain and preserve Madagascar’s wildlife heritage through mangrove conservation. ESPACE ZENY is a cultural and ecotourism site just 10-minute drive from HELL-VILLE and 20 minutes’ walk. This site is bordered by a mangrove forest and consists of a centre dedicated to training young people – from the rural communities of Nosy Be and the mainland – in professional organic farming. As a participant in conservation, you will first learn about Nosy Be’s mangrove forest, its richness, uses and threats. You will first work on the design of an environmental teaching manual for children. Then you’ll be able to start our community environmental education outreach program, helping to highlight the importance of mangroves and their sustainability to local communities and schools. You will work on a mangrove seedling nursery. The young plants will first be used to reforest an exhibition site and living classroom for local children.


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